Rug Care Videos

RugWash Queensland is proudly a founding member of the Association of Rug Care Specialists and remains the only Australian company on their member register.   RugWash and the ARCS are dedicated to the education and professionalism of the rug cleaning industry. We hope that the information contained in our rug care videos will help you in caring for and enjoying your rugs!

Help hints to deal with pet urine and rugs
We love our pets as much as you but there are times when that small accident can be upsetting if it involves your favourite rug. This video provides some helpful hints.

Why you should never let a carpet cleaner clean your rugs
It may seem an easy option to let a carpet cleaner clean your rug while they are steaming your carpets but after viewing this video you will reconsider that decision.

How often should I have my rugs professionally cleaned?
We are often asked how often rugs should be cleaned. This video will help you to make the best decision based on your usage and the environment of the rugs.

How you should vacuum your floor rugs?
The hints and knowledge that you will gain from this video will ensure that you not only extract as much dirt and dust from your rug as possible but also minimise damage to the pile.

Understanding tufted rugs
This video will show you how tufted rugs are made and what they are made of. You will also be advised of some common issues with these rugs and how best to deal with them.

Understanding white knots
Have you ever wondered what the little white dots on your oriental rug are? This video will give you a quick rundown on the construction and appearance over time of “white knots”.

Understanding abrash
You may have seen the term “Abrash” on one of our invoices as a comment regarding your rug and wondered what it actually means. This 2 minute video provides an excellent summary.

Understanding tea-washed rugs
Although tea-washed rugs are becoming increasingly popular there are some significant points that you should know before you purchase one, particularly if you are sensitive to chemicals.

Understanding viscose rugs
Many rugs made of viscose fibre are marketed today as “Art Silk” or “Artificial Silk”. Watch this enlightening video to better understand the advantages and potential problems of this type of fibre.

The two mistakes made by most rug owners
This video will make you aware of two mistakes made by many rug owners that may result in shortening the life of your rug or reducing its beautiful texture and lustre.

How to identify moth and pest damage on your rugs?
In this video you will find out how to identify the early warning signs of pest infestation. Please call RugWash for expert advice if you suspect moth damage to your rugs.

How can you protect your rugs from moths and bugs?
Several key points that you will gain from this short video will help you to avoid potential damage to your beautiful rugs by unwanted moths and other pests.