Iran Rug Tour

Iran Rug Tour: Qashqa’i Nomads

Here I am up close and personal with one the women who weave these beautiful Gabbeh rugs. The hand spun, vegetable dyed wool is supplied by the Zollanvari Company and taken back to the tribal people for weaving. The traditional tribal groups generally know how to weave and do not need guidance. More

Iran Rug Tour: Persepolis

  About 60kms north east of Shiraz in Fars Province, Iran, we visited the ancient site of Persepolis. This was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. The earliest remains of Persepolis date back to 515 BC. More

Iran Rug Tour: Qur’an Gate

Traditionally, travellers leaving Shiraz passed under this gate and were blessed. Stored above the arch was an ancient copy of the Qur'an, this has since been removed to preserve it. The road has also been realigned so it no longer passes below the arch, so we got of our vehicle  and walked below the arch for a blessing. More

Iran Rug Tour: Nomads Herding Their Flock

  We were fortunate that our hosts the Zollanvari brothers had an organised trip for our group in 4WD vehicles to reach the Qashqa’i nomads in their winter camp. We travelled from Shiraz deep into the Fars Province. Along the way, we saw nomads driving their sheep and goats down from the mountains to winter pastures. More

Iran Rug Tour: The Doors of Yazd

  These wooden doors have male and female knockers, so that the people inside could tell by the sound who was at the door. The male door knocker is rigid and heavy that makes a strong sound. People inside the house would be informed that a man is behind the door. The feminine door knocker is curly and ring like and makes a lighter sound. ... More

Iran Rug Tour: Spinning Techniques

Spinning involves a series of operations to make the wool into a usable yarn. After being scoured (washed), carded, sorted, combed then roved (rolled or pulled into long,loose yarn) the wool is ready. Here we have Afshar women from near the town of Sirjan, in Southern Iran, using a hand spindle. Spindle-spun wool rarely has a ... More

Iran Rug Tour

I had the opportunity to travel to Iran (Persia) to tour rug weaving areas and washing facilities. Our host was Mr. Reza Zollanvari, his family company ZollanvariAG is famous for producing high quality Gabbeh Carpets. I travelled with a group of rug washing professionals from around the world and we visited such diverse places such as the ... More