Rugs Around The World

Braided rugs

Having washed a number of braided rugs here at RugWash we thought we would share with you some of the interesting history behind this style. Braided rugs were an important part of early American homes. The craft had its beginnings in the United States in New England where winters are cold and rugs were needed for warmth. The rugs were made ... More

Carpet (Rug) Designs and Motifs

Design can be a useful pointer to the origins of a carpet, but centres of trade, migration and intermarriage have spread the range of motifs and designs over a wide area. Motifs are drawn from a number of sources, including religious, cultural and environmental. Many of their meanings are lost in the mists of time, while others have been ... More

‘Jajim’ and ‘Cicim’ Rugs

Jajim Rug Although ‘Jajim’ and ‘Cicim’ may be different versions of what was originally the same word, the former is used in Iran for a fabric that differs substantially from what the Turks refer to as a Cicim. The Jajim in Iran is a warp-faced fabric that is often woven on narrow horizontal looms of the sort used for ... More

Turkish rugs

Turkish rugs were probably the first to be introduced to Europe, as early as the 16th century. The result was that all hand-knotted carpets were called “Turkey Carpets”, no matter where they were woven. Turkey is the name now given to the carpet-making region that was once known as Anatolia. Carpets from Turkey were probably brought ... More